Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Permaculture Reading Group and Training

Hello Everyone!

After an extended absence to get hitched and hike for a while on the Long Trail through Vermont, we have been busy getting back into the swing of things around here. Even though there hasn't been much activity on the blog, we haven't been sitting idle. It's been a busy fall and winter. Guy has been busy with winter tree work and some tree climbing activities and I have been working on preparing the gardens for the spring planting, ordering seeds, preparing to start seeds in the basement and most importantly networking with other like-minded people.

This networking has led to at least one immediately exciting event. These past few not so wintery months I've been reconnecting with Jamie Haubner who owns Liberty Hill Farm in High Ridge. Jamie is working to convert her 22 acres into a Permaculture paradise and has kindly asked for my assistance. Jamie has her Permaculture design certificate and a wonderful space to work with. She also had an amazing and ambitious vision. I've also been getting to know Rachel Levi with EarthDance farm in Ferguson. Together the three of us have decided to start a Permaculture reading group. The first meeting will be held here at Adventure Farm on February 21st.

The first book on our list is Gaia's Garden. A great introductory book to permaculture.

Please consider joining us as we get together to support each other in our permaculture journey. RSVP by commenting here to get time and directions.

Another exciting event is a four day hands-on intensive course coming in March to St. Louis. The course is taught by my permaculture teacher, Bill Wilson, from Midwest Permaculture. I am very excited that St. Louis will have the opportunity to learn from this amazing teacher.

The course will be held at the MO Botanical Garden, March 8-11. This course will go towards your design certification if you desire to continue, which I bet you will. It is a great pleasure for me to look forward to seeing Bill and his wife Becky when they are here in March. Hopefully they will put me to work and I can help with the class some. Please check out the site below for more information.


Overall, 2012 seems to be getting off to a great start. I hope to see some of you at the permie course or the reading group.