Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May and June Calendar of Events

The previous calendar of events at Adventure Farm seemed to work out really well. Organizing a calendar kept us on track and invited people into the space to learn with us. We had a nice turn out for our first try, so we have decided to continue on. Here's what we have coming up for May and June.  We hope some of you can make it by for a visit or we see you at one of the other events.

MAY both here and out and about. 

5/5- Haul mulch with Deanna from 9-Noon 

New paths are being mulched and old paths tidied up for the summer. 

5/6-7-Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival

Unfortunately we can't make this event, but it was at the top of our wish list.  If you have a chance, you should check it out. We buy most of our seeds from Baker Creek. 

5/12-Wildflower Sale at Shaw Nature Reserve from  9-4

Every Mother's Day weekend the Missouri Botanical Garden hosts a native wildflower sale at Shaw Nature Reserve.  We will definitely be stocking up on some natives for Adventure Farm. Natives require less maintenance so therefore less water and upkeep, attract beneficial insects and support local wildlife by providing food and shelter.  Bringing Nature Home  by Doug Tallamy is a great book to become familiar with the benefits of planting native.

5/15-16-Invasive Species workshop

Deanna will be attending the Invasive Species Workshop at Powder Valley.  

5/19-20 Great River Family Camp out

Guy will be presenting a program at the Great River Family Camp out.  Come and enjoy the fun while connecting as a family to the natural world. You can go here for more information:

5/19-Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream workshop from 8:30 - Noon
Deanna will be at this workshop. You can find our more at  If you are interested in attending this event, contact Carleton Stock at

5/20-Installing a rain garden from 8 - Noon

We'll be digging and planting a rain garden today.  There are plants waiting to be planted and shovels on hand for digging. Adventure Farm needs two rain gardens installed to help manage water in storm events. Come learn about the benefits of rain gardens and how to install one. 

5/26- Build a retaining wall- 8 till we are finished.

We have a crumbling retaining wall in the front yard.  this weekend we will be replacing what is there (old railroad ties) with some other yet to be determined material. Come join us. 

JUNE-both here and out and about

6/2- CANCELED Create a mini guild in the retaining wall area-  8 -Noon We are canceling the mini guild since we have some step repair to do in the area of the guild and the weather has been a little too hot for planting.  Stay tuned for a reschedule. 

Assuming all goes well the weekend before, this is the day for planting the guild in the previous built retaining wall area. Come learn about guilds and help us plant our first Adventure Farm guild. 

6/12 Book club meeting- 6:30 - 8:30 

This will be our third permie book club meeting!!  We are reading This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader by Joan Dye Gussow. This is a relaxing evening where you don't have to know a thing about permaculture. All that's required is an interest in sustainable living and preferably reading the book.   Hope to see you.  

6/24-Sustainable Backyard tour- 11-4

Adventure Farm will be participating in the second Sustainable Backyard Tour.  The organizers are still looking for homes to participate!!! Sign up now to participate or attend!! Find out more at the website below.

We hope to see you some in the next few months.


Deanna and Guy

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