Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thinking about Fall

Wow, it’s sure has been a hot, dry and crazy busy summer.  We hope everyone has been able to enjoy the summer despite the heat and drought. 

We spent part of the time here and part of the time away on vacation and work related trips. Guy was fortunate enough to escape much of the worst heat. Here's a few of the summer events related to Adventure Farm.
Guy spent a great deal of the summer in eastern Pennsylvania working at a summer camp both as an inspector and trainer for the challenge course and providing tree climbing programs for the campers.

Here he's training ropes course facilitators to perform rescues.

EarthDance Interns visited Adventure Farm on one of our super hot days and the day the AC went out in the house.  It seemed like everyone still managed to have a good time.

The native prairie plants cooperated for the second Sustainable Backyard Tour. This year was a great success with 145 people visiting Adventure Farm. Last year we had 40 people visit.

Guy did a staff climb at EarthDance Farms. Everyone had a good time and had an opportunity to climb before a much needed thunderstorm rolled through.

Despite all that we did, it was our plan to have some more events at Adventure Farm this summer. However, it was so hot and we’ve been so busy with other things and trying to keep what we’ve already done alive that we have let a lot of things drop. Communicating on the blog is certainly one of them. 

We absolutely need to update people on our search for opportunities for expansion from our last posting. We are so excited about the outpouring of responses we received. Very quickly we heard from many people and have found several places around St. Louis that are perfect for helping us expand our outreach in both tree climbing and permaculture. It's not surprising to find such generosity and encouragement from the people in St. Louis, but we still can't help but be amazed. 

EarthDance Farms is one of the places that has generously agreed to allow Guy to do tree climbing events in their space.  It is very exciting to have the opportunity to partner with EarthDance, which will allow Adventure Farm to extend our reach and hopefully have the opportunity to support EarthDance in their mission. If you aren't yet familiar with EarthDance, please take a moment and check out their website here

At the moment our plan is to have some tree climbing events this Fall at a few of the places that have so generously offered their space.  Along with the tree climbing opportunities, there are two friends of Adventure Farm that would like to support opportunities for others to learn about permaculture by hosting a permaculture project event.  Both sites have rainwater harvesting projects that Deanna and Guy will be leading. One is a multiple rainbarrel installation and the other is a raingarden installation. We look forward to posting some dates for these events in the coming month or two.  We hope many of you will come out and support both Adventure Farm and the folks who are opening up their property to support community through recreational tree climbing and permaculture. 

There are a few other events schedules that you may be interested in. 

8/23-Permaculture talk- Deanna will be giving a short talk at Longview Farm Park. 

Town and Country Green Speaker Series
Longview Farm Park
13525 Clayton Rd.
63141 (In the farmhouse)

7:00 pm-8:00 pm

10/6-Permaculture 101

Deanna will be presenting a continuing education course through St. Louis Community College.

10/13-Recreational Tree Climbing

Guy will be presenting an introductory session through St. Louis Community College.

11/3-Intro to Householding

Deanna and Terry Winkelmann of Home Eco will be co-presenting this continuing education course through St. Louis Community College. 

You can find the Community College events at   Permaculture 101 and Intro to Householding can be found in the Ecology and Sustainability section and Recreational Tree Climbing can be found in the Sports and Fitness section or the Recreation section depending on how you search. .

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